Hello, I’m Cass Neilson, the creator and owner of BestBizOpLeads

After spending 9 years growing a super responsive marketing list. I discovered the best and fastest way to help other marketers grow their lists, is by directly adding them into my marketing advertisments.

By offering Business Opportunity Leads directly into your marketing lists, you instantly have a 100% opt-in rate from real-time opportunity seekers.

This eliminates the need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on creating, testing and split testing capture/squeeze pages to see which ones will convert the best.

95% Tier-1 Leads

BestBizOpLeads offers what few other lead providers can. 95% Tier-1 Based Leads. Not all leads are created equal. We have literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars making sure our lead advertisments are only shown on the best and most popular sites on the internet.

FREE Link Tracking

We offer Free Link Tracking via Clickmagick on every single order. Clickmagick is the webs number one link/click tracking service.

100% Real Clicks

Along with our Free Link Tracking, you'll be able to see in real time that all of your clicks are real, actual clicks with zero bots and zero duplicate clicks.

100% Exclusive Leads

Your leads are yours and yours alone! Once a lead is added to your marketing list, it isn't shared or sold with any other lists or marketers, ever! This makes the leads you receive 100% exclusive to your list!

How We Generate Our Leads

Want to Know Where Your Leads Come From?

I partner with several online co-op advertisers to generate millions of impressions for our ads every day.

Our ads are seen on the most popular websites, in the highest advertising positions available.

We utilize everything from display ads, native ads, push ads and search ads on all the major social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google Ads.

All of our leads are delivered in Real Time to your marketing lists. Making them the hottest leads available and increasing conversion rates up to 47% over other marketing platforms such as solo ads.

Free Click Tracking & Bot Traffic Filtering

Every order will receive Free Link Tracking and Bot Traffic Filtering.

We use ClickMagick on all of our orders.

ClickMagick is the industry leader in providing detailed analysis for tracking your links across all platforms and devices. you'll know exactly where, when and even how a lead was delivered to your marketing list.

ClickMagick allows you to filter or even block bot "clicks" — ensuring your stats are accurate and you're getting the leads you paid for.

How It Works

We Replace Our Link With Yours

When a potential lead fills out one of our ads with their name & email, we will replace our auto-responder link with yours. So, instead of being placed into one of our marketing lists, The lead will immediately be added to your auto-responder list.

100% Opt-In Rate

By adding your marketing list url into our ads, there is no need for your to invest the time and money into devloping a successful capture/squeeze page. We have already done the work so you can reap the benefits.

No Need To Develope A Capture/Squeeze Page

By replacing our link with yours, you gain the benefit of receiving a 100% opt-in rate into your marketing list. These are Leads, not clicks! This also eliminates the need to create your own capture/Squeeze Pages.

W  H  A  T    M A K E  S    U S     D  I  F  F  E  R  E  N  T

I Will Personally Guide You

I want to hear what questions you may have!

Chances are, you are just getting started into the affiliate marketing arena. Spending your own hard earned money on marketing is not an easy thing to do.

Remember, you are purchasing acutal leads, not clicks. They will be added directly into your auto-responder.

So it is important to have a follow up sequence ready to be delivered the minute the are added to your list. If you have any questions about your order and the delivery of the leads, contact me!

Leads vs Clicks


Let's say you purchase 100 Clicks for $0.45 Per Click:
100 x $0.45 = $45

Out of those 100 Clicks, a high converting offer will generally produce at 35% Opt-In Rate.

That means you gained 35 new leads to your marketing list.

But what is the true cost for those 35 leads?

$45 ÷ 35 Leads = $1.28 Per Lead


If you paid $1 Per Lead and still spent the same amount of $45.

You would receive 45 leads.

Not only did you pay less per lead, you also received more leads to your list. The leads are also Real-Time opportunity seekers! Ready to see what you have to offer them.

Unlike clicks, which could be leads that have been sitting in a marketing list for months or longer, and have already been marketed to dozens of times...

Want to Talk Before Buying?

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Pricing For 95% Tier-1 LEADS
Bussiness Opportunity Seekers



95% Tier-1 Leads. Free Link Tracking With All Orders!
$0.85 PER LEAD



95% Tier-1 Leads. Free Link Tracking With All Orders!
$0.85 PER LEAD



95% Tier-1 Leads. Free Link Tracking With All Orders!
$0.85 PER LEAD



95% Tier-1 Leads. Free Link Tracking With All Orders!
$0.80 PER LEAD



95% Tier-1 Leads. Free Link Tracking With All Orders!
$0.80 PER LEAD

1,000 LEADS


95% Tier-1 Leads. Free Link Tracking With All Orders!
$0.75 PER LEAD


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